Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spiritually Stifled by Stuff

First of all, I would like to point out an excellent article by Mrs. Wayne Hunter called More Time in a Day. You can find this article at:

I printed out the article for my Home Management Binder (see for info on putting together a Home Management Binder)

And now, onto my post:

Do you ever feel spiritually stifled by your stuff? Do you ever feel like you can't move forward in your walk with Christ because of the junk you're harboring? Or perhaps you can't figure out why you don't feel spiritually at peace in your home? It could be your stuff. Do you have things that you'd be embarrassed to have around the house should Jesus come for a visit? Do you realize that Jesus visits you every day and stays for a LONG time? :)

I've been feeling this lately. I have some books, clothes, movies, magazines, etc that I really shouldn't have. I'm going to get rid of them.

This applies to my stuff, not hubby's. We may not be happy with a particular movie our hubby owns, or a book he has, but remember, we answer to God for our own stuff. However, keep in mind that if someone in our home has something that is not Godly, that is degrading/discusting/demoralizing, we should pray hard for God to help them be rid of it.

We should also keep in mind whether or not something should be given away or destroyed. Would we really want to be responsible for placing something unedifying in the hands of a delicate soul?

When we get rid of such things, we are telling God that we need Him more than earthly pleasures; that He matters more than that romance novel or that movie that's really cute but has that dirty scene in it, or that cd with good music but questionable lyrics. I can be sure, we'll be happier in the long run and perhaps set an example for those living with us.

I do encourage parents to take this principle in hand concerning your children's stuff. If you're feeling convicted that your daughter shouldn't have a Bratz doll, then by all means, be rid of it. Get her a more edifying doll (like from Vision Forum ). But don't just grab and go. Sit down and explain to your children that you made a mistake in getting them that doll/allowing them to have it and that you'd like to be rid of it and why. You may be surprised that your children will be willing to clean house with you. Also, make sure you ALWAYS pray before doing this with your children. Don't just go all legalistic and Tsar-ish on them.

I'll let you know how I do.


Mrs.B. said...

Great post!

Mrs. Meyer said...

I've done this as well. Especially when it comes to our dd things. We don't like barbie and we don't like ghosts, witches and things, though a few of her books and vidoes had these in it. Now, at age 7, she tells me if it is there and will get rid of a book, or turn off the movie/tv. Most of the things in this house such as books, dvd's etc. are concidered "ours" which includes my dh, so I can't go and throw those things away. (I don't think we have too many, maybe one or two, I'll have to look again. Sometimes you just don't think about it:<
This is a great post. We are moving soon, so I'll have to look at things as we pack!!