Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October News

Autumn is upon us. The leaves look so beautiful! I just love living in an area where I get to experience all 4 seasons!

We're getting our outdoor furnace installed! I'm so excited! Our home will be so much warmer and we'll save loads of money every winter! Hubby's been working so hard on it. I appreciate him so much!

I made salsa this morning from the last of my tomatoes and peppers. Now, I can clean out my garden. I'm already planning on next spring's garden.

I switched from grocery shopping once a month to every two weeks. The once a month shopping didn't pan out. I did have a menu and worked from that, but I still ended up running out of food and spending more money than my budget allowed. The every two week deal helps me plan better and I food doesn't go to waste.

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Bethgem said...

Can you tell me what you do to clear out your garden and how you prepare for next year's garden? I'm so new to gardening... every year is an experiment for me!