Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I Want to Homeschool Reasons #5 and #6

I want my children to see the changing sun throughout the day.
When I was school-aged, I remember vacation days, summer days and days when I stayed home sick and I enjoyed the late morning sun. I really liked the sunlight at that time of day, and I still do. I remember thinking that I never really noticed the sun, and there were days in the autumn and winter when I hardly saw sun at all. I want my children to enjoy the sun.

I want to my children to be free.
Schools today are like prisons! You're locked into the building. You're locked into the classroom and you're metaphorically locked into your desk! You only see the same people day in and day out. You're sometimes treated like a prisoner and the staff are sometimes like wardens. You're guilty until proven innocent. You're heavily monitored at all times and can't even go to the bathroom without an interrogation. With all these rules and regulations, there's still an air of anarchy among the youth.
Now, I'm not really blaming the school system. They have to be super-secure and act this way because of so many troubled youths. Too many parents aren't being parents. Too my children are raising themselves or each other. Schools just aren't what they used to be anymore.


Rhonda said...

There are so many good reasons to homeschool and each one is reason enough, all by themselves.

Schools do the best they can, but they are only schools. Hotels are OK too, but they are not homes.


prayzgod said...

While the Cox guy was over at my new place hooking up my internet, I was doing 1st grade homeschool with my 6yr old. This man looked like he felt like he stepped into some sort of alternate reality - it was cute. :-)

PS - I'm back! You can see pics of my new house on my blog. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the "see the sun" reason. I was homeschooled from Gr. 1-12. Always wondered how public schooled kids could stand being regulated from 8-4 every day. Knew I would miss my freedom and flexibility if I was ever put in school. Oh, I guess that paragraph is more along the lines of the "free" reason!

But on to the sun...I'm working full time for the first time in my life, now. 9-6, every day. And I MISS seeing the sun. I pop outside once in the morning maybe, to help a customer carry their things out. And maybe around 4ish I pop out again, only to notice it's cloudy and grey and might rain. I miss not seeing the sky progress from sun to rain. I miss the sky. I'm glad I didn't have to miss it for all my school years!


bragginmommy said...

What a lovely post! Yes all reasons are good reasons for homeschooling as far I'm concerned. However, the reasons you've mentioned here reminded me so much of why I hated school so much and why I always loved staying home...I LOVE being at home. I praise God everyday for being able to be here with my children.