Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why I Want to Homeschool Reason #7

Two words: School bus!

I had a 45 minute school bus ride growing up. I HATED it! We had assigned seats and I usually got the 8th row, which is the seat over the rear wheel. I was usually surrounded by loud, brash, misbehaving kids. They usually had knives and cigarettes and would vandelize the bus. I lived in fear, hoping I would never get in trouble for their misdeeds, such as cutting the seats or smoking.

Sometimes, I'd be refused a seat. I remember when I was in kindergarten, the bus was so packed (way over the legal limit) and there were no seats. The bus driver screamed at me to sit down, but there was no place to sit. Some high school seniors in the back of the bus told me they'd find me a place to sit. They made me (at 4 years old) sit behind the last seat of the bus, crammed between the seat and the emergency door.

I had my glasses crushed on the bus.

And then they installed seat belts, but we never used them. Instead, they had to be draped over the backs of the seats, so the person in the seat behind you would push them off and let the metal clasp whack you in the head.

I learned some "sex ed" on the school bus, and some rather nasty words and phrases, too. Dirty songs, dirty jokes, and was forced to listen to really bad music and raps. I would lean my head up against the window and sing quietly to myself to shut it all out.

I would think about the 45 minutes of bus ride where I could have gotten my homework done. I can't read in a moving vehical.

And the worst! The looooong stop and go bus ride that would make me sick nearly every day.

By the time I was in high school, my bus ride was only 3 miles long. But while I was in elementary it was a living torture!


Mrs.B. said...

I only had to ride the school bus a few times but it was always TORTURE to me!

It was like being trapped in a big tin can with mean bullies!

ArmyAngel said...

When I was in elementary school I was lucky enough to ride my bike or walk to school, but I was living on military bases at the time. Once I started public schools *spit* the rides were at least half an hour, and the year I went to an international school, the rides were anywhere from an hour to an hour and twenty minutes! I'm thankful my parents listened when I begged them to homeschool me; I wish they'd made that decision much earlier.

ArmyAngel said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention something I learned on the school international school bus. Ever heard of gleaking? It's a wonderfully charming activity that involves shooting spit out from under your tongue and being able to hit whatever you're aiming for. For instance, the quiet girl who's reading the book?