Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MY Bible

Oh, I've had Bibles before.TI had a Precious Moments NKJV from my youth that fell to pieces.
That was the last time I felt like I had my own Bible.
There is a garage sale find KJV that I used for many years.
And a hand-me-down Good New Bible with a ghastly gold cover and irritating lay-out inside resides in my basement.
But neither really felt like MY Bible.

Then, my youngest brother gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday.
I purchased This Victorian Life by Sarah Chrisman and had money left over.  Therefore, I decided it was high time to purchase my own Bible.

I found this pretty little gem, an ESV Bible with a lovely embossed cover and basic lay-out.

I am well pleased and feel quite at home with it.
(And I am keeping the KJV Bible because I like to cross-reference and it has an awesome Biblical Encyclopedic Index.)


Amy M said...

Very nice! I also grew up with a NKJV Bible, but I find that I'm liking the ESV translation for Bible study.

Kate said...

Thanks for commenting! I visited your blog and have a bit of friendly envy at how much you read. It takes me forever to get through a book, but it is my own fault. Too much facebook. LOL! Thanks for the inspiration to pick my book back up again! By the way, I am reading This Victorian Life by Sarah Chrisman. Worth the read and review on your blog. :-)