Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Built for Electricity

Being a cottage built in 1950, energy efficiency according to more modern standards wasn't an issue.  Electricity was cheap.

I am someone who prefers to reduce my electricity usage.
Not only because it is expensive here, but because I enjoy more natural, sustainable ways.

I would love to have a Vermont Bun Baker.
It would double as a cook stove in the wintertime, pulling double duty as a house heater and cooker.
But, the way the house is set up with doors, windows, and rather large radiators under nearly every window, there isn't a lot of space of hook up a wood-fired stove.

I would love to utilize the sunshine more.
A sunny, cheerful home is a happy home to me.
Thankfully, my living room has a big picture window and lets in a lot of light.  But, my kitchen has just one window and the door's window (which faces north, so it doesn't let in a lot of light.)
The dining room has just one small window, and even during sunny days I often have to turn on the chandelier so we can homeschool more comfortably.

Every older home has its quirks that create little challenges for modern living.
I remember looking at older homes while house hunting and discovering the only bathroom was a little room off the kitchen way at the back of the house!

Others had tiny bedrooms with no closet space.

The house I grew up in doesn't have heat available to every room.  In fact, only one of the bedrooms had a heat vent.  The others had nothing.

I'm not complaining, only observing how times have changed, and family needs have altering necessities.
While I don't know anything about the original residents of this cottage, I do believe we are the largest family (and possibly only family with young children) to have occupied this home.

Thankfully, today is sunny, and the position of the sun in mid-winter is optimal upon our little cottage.  As I look from the kitchen where I type this through the dining room and into the living room, it is bright and sunny, reflecting off the newly fallen slow.

For that bit of construction, I am grateful.
To have a bright home in winter.


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