Friday, November 15, 2013

Vanishing Beauty

Last night as I scrolled through my facebook news feed, one of my friends posted THIS article.  It is about a woman who spends much of her time in Victorian garb and living as if it were the Victorian Era.  I found the article intriguing, but one bit stood out to me.

The article quotes Ms. Chrisman saying, "'People have mixed reactions,' she admitted. 'Some are enthusiastic and positive. The other day an old man ran out of a restaurant to tell me I made his day, he said: "You look beautiful."

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That made me think that in today's world, beauty is vanishing.  Instead, we have sexy or sloppy.  Just scroll down the sidebar of the page the article is on and you'll see what I mean.  Where is beauty?  Modesty, poise, loveliness....I'm not saying women need to go back in time and focus solely on their outward appearances.  Indeed, we are more than that.  But, I've even noticed our surroundings aren't necessarily as lovely as they could be.  Homes are more basic and functional.  I get that.  It's easier to care for.  We're not all Martha Stewart.  Pony tails and yoga pants work for me, too.  

But, sometimes, I wonder how much we've lost by beauty vanishing in the wake of comfort, convenience, sex appeal, and modern tech.  

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