Friday, November 01, 2013

Stove Top Baking Success!

I had success baking bread on my stove top!  

I dug through my shed and found a Griswold cast iron pot with no lid.  Hubby removed the bale handle for me and my inverted #8 cast iron frying pan fit nicely as a lid and gave height to the "oven."

I made my usual sized recipe of 3 cups of flour, but had to divide it in half and bake each half one at a time.  

I used one of my small round pyrex casserole bowls to bake the bread in.  Greased.

Inside the pot, I placed a trivet to put the pyrex bowl on.  I preheated the pot on the burner and preheated the frying pan on another burner.

Then, I placed the bread on the trivet and covered the pot, keeping the heat at medium.  

I didn't get a chance to time it, but it does take longer than in a conventional oven.  A long while later, I ended up with this!

It is a successful, tasty little loaf of bread!  The bottom has a good crust.  The top is weak, as is understandable with little constant top heat, but still cooked and firm enough to knife through without mangling the bread.  Hubby said it tastes better than when baked in the conventional oven!  It is time consuming, but it'll do for now until my new element arrives for the oven.

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