Monday, December 17, 2012

Peace on Earth and in the Home

With the usual theme of the season coupled with the horrible tragedy in Newton, CT, I can't help but think about a haven of peace being so desperately needed for people.  The famous song, "Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with Me" by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson runs through my head.  Let it begin with me.

Let it begin in the home.

I am brain storming how I can make my home a haven the best I can.  What ways can I create a peaceful environment, a safe environment?  How can I give my children freedom from unneeded stress and fears?

How have you created a haven for your family in your home?

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saraloved said...

i agree! your home should be a sanctuary for your kids, where it is easiest for them to worship God! mia is really young still but it is important to me that people don't swear or fight around her, that no one smokes around her, etc. even though she is small i still pray with her at night.