Friday, December 14, 2012

Here at Home

Christmas is in full swing at Taigh Beag.  The children indulge in those old holiday tv specials nearly daily.  Rudolph and The Heat Miser and Frosty tickle their fancy.  It is a nice diversion from many weeks of strange illnesses and mysteries.

It started with my daughter having digestive upsets and quitting using the potty.  She is now on a strict dairy-free diet until just after Christmas to see if she improves.  If she does not improve, she may be tested for Celiac since it runs in the family.  I am so proud of her.  She's only had two small meltdowns about not being able to have dairy.  Otherwise, she takes the initiative to ask if it contains dairy and readily accepts the dietary changes.

Then, the baby developed croup and pneumonia at the same time!  He remained happy-go-lucky, sleeping well, eating well, never a fever.  He had a little cold with a chesty cough, but nothing alarming at all.  I've been through colds with babies many times before and this one seemed quite mild.  That is until the cough started getting worse and suddenly turned "barky."  I quickly made arrangements for babysitting and headed to the ER.  I fully expected a diagnosis of croup and thought they'd admit him.  Instead, they found not only croup, but basal pneumonia.  He was treated with a steriod and a breathing treatment and sent home.  Several phone calls to the doctor occurred, and I kept him quarantined for 3 weeks.  He was a remarkable patient.  He slept and ate well and giggled and played, though the improvement was marginal.  He had his 6 month appointment anyway, so I took him then and the doctor discovered that he still had the pneumonia, has an ear infection AND stopped growing.  The doctor and I stared at each other and then at my baby.  We're both mystified because he looks and acts so stinkin' happy and healthy!  You'd NEVER guess that anything was wrong with him other than a chesty cough and his small size.  He's hitting all his milestone on time or early.  We seem to have killed the pneumonia, but the ear infection is being stubborn.  I am hoping he has finally hit a growth spurt because he eats 6 times at night, is breast fed on demand throughout the day, and is supplemented with a doctor approved diet of solids 3x a day!  We had some testing done and are awaiting the results.

During that time, my toddler started growing his 2 year molars and as such has those nasty poos to go along with it.

Despite it all, we are a merry bunch....a constantly smiling, giggling baby certainly helps!  Our advent calendar is part of our morning routine now.  Our tree is up and decorated with ornaments both meaningful and hand made.  Presents are bought and wrapped.  Mistletoe has yielded plenty of kisses and cuddles.  We've driven around to look at Christmas lights.  My oldest and I plunk out Christmas songs on our clunky spinet.  And we await Christmas Day with great anticipation.

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Hope everyone gets well soon!