Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Poetic Justice

Hubby has a friend who unwinds after long days of work by writing songs and singing them on youtube.  He's been hammering out nearly a song a day and they're good!  It inspired me to tackle poetry again as a way to unwind and let go of some "mommy angst."

I wrote my first poem yesterday.  It tackles the feelings of worthlessness that haunt me, but I am not comfortable sharing it publicly.  The release of writing it out on paper and not having it bottled in me really helped and it was nice to dust off that creative corner of my brain.

For a little bit of fun, though, here is a silly little poem I wrote in high school:

Ode To A Dummy

I love a little man
Made of the best tree.
This funny little man
Named Charlie McCarthy.
This Irish little man
with lightening for his wit.
This wooden little man
Cracks jokes 'til our sides split.
I love this little man
From his monicle to top hat,
This funny little man
With the voice of a pussy-cat.
This perfect little man
Erases my sad frown
Whenever this little man
Blurt out, "Well, mow me down!"
This handsome little man
My love is ever true.
God bless this little man.
Oh yeah, and Edgar Bergan too.

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