Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo Idea

Last year, hubby and I moved out of the larger bedroom in our two bedroom house and into the small one so the children could have more space.  Our current bedroom is only 7' x 9'.  While we don't mind our cozy little nook, I would like to redo the room.  It still has the paint scheme from when it was the nursery for our first born along with torn up remnants of the John Deere tractor wallpaper boarder.  That's not exactly conducive to a romantic atmosphere.

Ideas haven't really been melding together very well, but there is a repeating theme of an exotic middle eastern flavor.  Then, this evening, it struck me.....Song of Solomon!  The bedroom can be themed around the verse above, which you can get as a vinyl wall decal.

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4littleladybugs said...

Great idea. :)

Love the wall decal and if you want a change down the road- it comes off so easy.