Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Very Trying 2 Weeks

It started off with earthquakes, which I thankfully didn't feel here. Nevertheless, there were 2 local earthquakes and the large one in VA that many felt here in Upstate New York. Then, Hurricane Irene made landfall, downgraded to a tropical storm and slammed us with rain that caused record flooding and widespread destruction. Again, thankfully, I didn't get any more damage than a wet basement, 12 hours without power, and a few leaks, but it was a busy week trying to help out those who lost so much.

My efforts were cut short by the ravages of a nasty stomach flu, which happened to strike me the same time as a rare tornado cut through my neighborhood less than 1/2 a mile from my house, knocking out electricity for 30 hours, and closing the county down. The tornado was registered as an F1 1/2 a mile wide. It traveled down into the valley, across the river, and up over the other side of the valley in a north east path 7 miles long. How's that for unique!?

The day after the tornado hit, I was still without power, out of water, and quite dehydrated from running to the bathroom literally every 10 to 20 minutes! My mom took me to the ER where I received 2 bags of fluids and was sent home. I seemed on the mend, the power returned, and I was hoping for life to return to normalcy.

Well, the stomach flu lingers in a vicious way. Heavy rains have caused terrible flooding again and once again closed my county.

My 5 year old was able to raise $250! It will be delivered to the local farmer who is once again losing so much to the 2nd flooding in a week as soon as I recover from this wretched illness! As for the Hurricane Irene soaps, all is on hold until I am well again and I can leave my house!! For the 3rd time in less than 2 weeks, I am forced to stay home due to the county literally being closed. All travel is prohibited except for emergency.

May next week bring better health, better weather, and better news.

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Nurturing Faith and Family said...

that does sound like a very trying two weeks! praying everything looks up for you! even though we live in Mineral, VA (epicenter of the quake) we luckily sustained no damage other than a few broken items and picking up a million things off the floor..and thankfully we live to far west for Irene to really affect us, but Richmond is still having major problems. always good to remember to count our blessings, thank you!! i definitly will remember that now when i want to complain that my husband is working too much (he works at the power plant, so he is not home much since the quake sent him into major overtime)