Friday, September 23, 2011

It Happened One Night

I was preparing to go to bed when I hear some fussing on the other side of the children's bedroom door. Upon investigation, I see two books poking out from underneath the door. When I opened the door, my daughter was on the floor in tears. I asked what was wrong and she said, "They're stuck!" I bent down and picked up the books and asked if she'd like me to read them to her. She smiled and said that she did. So, we sat down on the floor together just outside the bedroom door and I smiled as I discovered what books she had chosen:

As I read to her, she chimed in with comments and discoveries. She loved seeing what the little mommy did and ogled the little girl's illustrated bedroom. Hopefully next week my daughter will have a space to call her own, too. She loved that the baby in Baby Looks has a big sister.

When I finished Baby Looks and closed the book, my daughter carefully took the books from me, tucked them under her arm and went straight to bed without a peep.

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Nurturing Faith and Family said...

this is my house and i am the children are annabelle, betsy, and bonnie... :)

such a darling book! my daughter's favorite!!