Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Review of Homemade Formula

Thanks to The Healthy Home Economist, I was encouraged to start making homemade formula for my baby boy after my milk waned too much to sustain him anymore. The recipe listed on her site is actually pretty easy, even though the ingredients can sound daunting. She even lists links to where you can buy the ingredients, making it easy to get started.

Baby boy is almost a year old. He stopped breast milk at 9 months at which point he went on commercial organic formula until all the ingredients came in the mail for the homemade formula. Recently, he's been back on commercial formula due to busyness in our lives. I noticed a few things:

When he's on commercial formula:

1. He's up at night, needing more formula.
2. He's fussy-hungry more.
3. He eats more table food.
4. He either looks slender or bloated.

When he's on homemade formula:

1. He sleeps through the night.
2. He's got an appetite, but isn't fussy about it.
3. He eats a more balanced meal and smaller portions.
4. He's pleasingly baby-plump. Not fat, just that healthful plumpness babies should have.

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