Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Tiny Thing ~ A Pleasant Chain Reaction

Anna over at Pleasant View Schoolhouse has a great post today called One Tiny Thing. I read her post this morning and it really struck a harmonic chord in me. I decided at once to consciously do just as her post said. So far today the chain reaction that occurred has been very pleasant! Suddenly the daunting doesn't seem so overwhelming. The deliberate effort is engaging to the mind. The action of love for hearth and home spreads quickly and is quite contagious. Even something as simple as taking 5 seconds to straighten the bathroom rug before I step out the door just makes everything feel better.

I also think this would be a good method for someone who is ill or a woman who is dealing with the discomfort of pregnancy. Surely during the times we're in survival mode we can just do one tiny thing to improve a room. Just one. Pick up just one toy. Throw away just one crumb. Smooth out just one curtain.

Then, I started thinking of so many other one tiny things we could do. One tiny correspondence a week to someone who could use cheering up. One book a day read to our children. One effort of improving behavior. One Bible verse or chapter before bed. One way to improve our health a day. I think I'm on to something! One hour less (or 1/2 hour less or 15 minutes) on the computer or at the TV a day..... One more prayer prayed.

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Susie Q said...

What a blessed idea! I always try but need such a reminder!!
have a sweet Thursday!