Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hoarding or Storing Up?

I've been couponing lately and the best deals usually come in larger (bulk) purchases. But, one would think I'm hoarding. Why do I need 4 huge bottles of shampoo at an amazing price? What's with all that toilet paper? Are you saving up for some sort of natural disaster or something?

Well, actually, I am. It's called an Upstate Winter! :)

No, really. I'm taking advantage of the great deals I'm finding to store up for the winter like a little squirrel because it's too much of a hassle to bundle up my kiddos and drive snow-drifted roads to several stores to do weekly shopping. I'd rather stay home as much as possible this winter.

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~Heather said...

Proverbs 6:8!!! Great job!

I'm visiting you via the "I am a Woman of God" link up on Facebook today. Thanks for sharing your blog with us!