Monday, August 07, 2017

Finding My Simplicity

Do you know what I admire about my grandmother?
Her simplicity.

She doesn't hurry.
She isn't harried.
She has her routines, same as always over the decades.
She doesn't chase fads.
She doesn't worry about how she's doing compared to everyone else.
She just lives her life.
Her beautiful, graceful, simple life.

She raised her daughters simply, too.
She didn't helicopter, nor did she ignore.
She enjoyed.
She didn't feel pressured to do it all.
She did what she liked.
She kept house.
She read her Bible.
She watched her favorite TV shows.
She went for walks.
She welcomed grandchildren in for visits.
She went to church.
She went to Cape Cod for vacation nearly every year.

Her movements are thoughtful and graceful.  She is focused on the task at hand.
She is quiet, caring, but not overly worried or bothered.
She stays in bed when she needs to.
She gets up when she feels well enough.
No apologies.
No pretenses.
Just her.
I admire that.
I NEED that in my life right now.
That simplicity.

I come from a long line of beautiful Polish women who lived, and loved their simple lives.
Nothing fancy.
Nothing facebook brag-worthy.
Just clean, basic living.

We live in a world where everyone feels they need to prove they are exceptional.
They fill every moment of every day with to-do lists, work, lessons, tutoring, and any other way to get ahead in life.
And that's ok if that is what they want and enjoy!
I find it absolutely fascinating!
But, after years of trying to prove myself and my worth, I find myself looking back at my grandmother and admiring what she had and what she has in her golden years.

I'm ok with mediocre.
More than ok.  I LIKE it.

I am finding my simplicity.

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