Friday, January 20, 2017

I don't have to be exceptional

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It seems the millennial "everyone is special" has birthed the post-millennial trend of
"you need to be exceptional."

Just a quick browse through social media and people show their best faces, smiles, accomplishments, etc.

As a child I enjoyed watching figure skating on TV.  At the time a perfectly landed triple lutz was a rare thing where everyone oohed and ahhed and the executor of it was lauded as an amazing athlete (usually male).  Imagine my surprise when I found figure skating on TV just a few months ago and the girls were landing quadruple/triple combos!!!!

Just how limitless are we?!

There is a lot of pressure out there to be exceptional.

Do it "like a boss."
Be a "bad@$$."
"No excuses!"
"Own it!"
"Nail it!"

I was walking through Target and saw this water bottle that says, "like a boss."
It actually gave me a little anxiety to see it.
I thought of all the ways I felt like I wasn't measuring up in an instant.
Ridiculous, I know!

So, I reminded myself that I don't need to be exceptional.  There is nothing wrong with ordinary.  There is nothing wrong with simple.  There is nothing wrong with not being a "bad@$$" at something with a Katy Perry Roar attitude.

There is nothing wrong with being a strong personality with drive and noticeable ambition, either.

All I am saying is that I am giving myself permission to not have to over-achieve anything, or prove anything to anybody.

I have the freedom to just live, breathe, love, and do.

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