Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dreading Winter No More

All summer I dreaded the coming of winter.  How, I anxiously wondered, will I ever manage another winter cooped up in this little cottage?  The walls already felt like they were closing in on me.  Could I manage juggling 4 small children with cabin fever?

I didn't want to bear the cold.

I didn't want to bear the winter coats and gloves and mittens and hats and scarves and boots.

I didn't want to see trees naked of their leaves, or a bleak winter landscape. 

I didn't want to feel cold or worry about driving anywhere or hubby working out in sub zero temperatures all day.

I didn't want to say good-bye to sunlit evenings and face darkness before dinnertime.

I was actually stressed out about winter coming.

But, whether or not I want it to, winter is coming.

Just an hour's drive north of me, snow fell the other morning.  And I was happy to see pictures of it on facebook!

What changed?

Grim acceptance started to breed little pins and needles of anticipation.  

Cozying under covers.

Handiwork that only seems to get done in the quiet evenings.

The beauty of winter is starting to intrigue me.  I actually miss watching snow swirls across the road in front of me while I drive.

Sun dresses and sandals lost their appeal and I was dying for a pair of corduroy pants.  Thankfully, my local Goodwill delivered with a pair of soft, chocolate brown ones for half price.  $3.00?  Why, yes, thank you!

While an hour's north had snow, here on the north hill face of the valley we have yet to see a frost.  I look forward to God's artwork in ice on a crisp, browned leaf that once waved on a tree in our yard just a couple months ago.  

And, best of all, I look forward to finally cross country skiing again!

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