Saturday, April 13, 2013

I love:

My hot rollers, especially when my ends need trimming and I can't find babysitting so I can go to the salon so my ends need a little help not looking so frazzled.

That the grass is turning green!

All the varieties of birds visiting my bird feeder.

Babies!  (No, I'm not having another baby, but someone I know is having two!)

Bare Minerals Make-up foundation.

My hologram eyes....they change colors on their own.  Really!  It depends on what I wear.

My sneaky red highlights.  Yes, deep down I'm a redhead.  Deep deep down.  I have natural red highlights in my hair.  They like to hide, but in the right light, particularly sunlight, they may shine through.

Homeschooling.  There are days I just don't want to do it.  There are times I just want to scream at the state's standards.  There are times I just want to send that fidgety little boy outside just to not hear him whine and complain about doing to work, but overall I LOVE homeschooling.

Bulb flowers.  I see them blooming in the grocery store floral departments and I just want to buy them all!

My Grandmother's house and my Aunt K's house.  Such peaceful homes.  Clean, tidy, beautifully decorated, uncluttered....ummmm....kind of the opposite of mine.

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