Monday, October 24, 2011

Strange Pregnancy Symptoms

Have you ever had any unusual or out of the ordinary pregnancy symptoms? I have the usual fatigue and nausea, food and smell aversions. But, this pregnancy, I'm also experiencing claustrophobia! I can't stand when people crowd around me. I don't like being in small spaces. Even taking a shower drives me bonkers because I'm in that enclosed space! It bothers me, but it is also kind of funny because I know how ridiculous it is. Thankfully, it is only temporary and this baby is so worth all the oddities that occur with each pregnancy. As a side thought, it is also kind of ironic that I have claustrophobia this pregnancy because our little cottage is too small for us now and will be uncomfortably tiny once the new baby arrives. We're praying and trusting in the Lord to provide us with a larger home one way or another.

So, I'm curious! Please share your unusual symptoms!

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