Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Fireplace of My Own

Oh, for a fireplace. Our little cottage is sorely lacking in one. It just seems fitting that our little "hobbit hole" ought to have one! Of course, affording the installation for a real fireplace is well beyond our means. My attention turns to the electric and gel fireplace units you can get. I keep hoping their prices drop, but no such luck. Even our local Big Lots store sells them at a price I cringe at.

So, I started brain storming again. It isn't so much the heat I want or need our of a fireplace as the ambiance. And ever since I visited a friend's house when I was first married and saw she had placed a grouping of pillar candles within her real (but unusable) fireplace, I was hooked. I loved it! Simple, inexpensive, easy, and lovely!

So, how can I achieve that? I'm wondering how much it would cost to build a simple box fireplace out of wood (with some sort of flame proof interior) and surround it with a lovely mantle and surround? I'm thinking a mirror behind the candles would be lovely, too. Or if not a mirror, then tin. A patina'd tin. Could I pull it off? I wonder......

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Anonymous said...

I think that your idea of building your own firebox sounds lovely. I bet it will look great when it is done. Flameless candles are also an idea if you wanted to stay away from flames altogether.