Friday, July 29, 2011

Not So Fast....

Yeah, so I tried a modified fast. Smoothies for breakfast, brothy soup for lunch, a light afternoon snack and then a sensible dinner with no processed stuff. Ummm...yeah....I've been SO HUNGRY! I had to cave. The first day the smoothie wasn't enough, even with the addition of coconut oil. I had to have an egg. I didn't even make it to 10 o'clock. I started noshing on melon. Lunch time I made my brothy soup and heartied it up with squash from my garden. I ate it and was still having gnawing hunger, so I had a slice of whole grain bread (no artificials) with natural peanut butter and a glass of milk. Dinner was sufficient with salmon, potatoes from my garden and peas. I had a light dessert of yogurt and granola.....oh, and a small handful of m&ms. Doesn't sound much like a fast to me.

This morning, the smoothie was heartier and I allowed myself some peanut butter, so it lasted until lunch time. The soup was not enough, so I had a slice of whole grain bread with some cream cheese and honeycomb. Mid-afternoon snack was not so light with a bowl of Kashi cereal and milk.

If anything, I've discovered why I crash in the afternoon. I have been eating too heavy of a lunch. The lighter lunches are better. I also discovered that I don't feel full (whether physically or psychologically I don't know) unless I have a carb or a lot of fat.

Any thoughts? Advice?

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