Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Many Goings On!

Well, it ain't a turkey! I took other pictures, but to be sensitive to those who may be bothered by the sight of a dead bird, I'm only showing the tail. I was in my living room when I heard this loud bump, but I couldn't figure out what it was. A little bit later, I was loading the kiddos into the truck when I saw this grouse laying next to the tire. At first glance, I thought it was a falcon and was ready to call EnCon! A beautiful bird, to be sure, but not being wasteful, I threw the bird into the cooler in the truck, took it to my dad's and had it butchered. My dad also gave the tail to my son. We salted the end and have it pegged on a board so it fans out nicely for display. This'll be only the 2nd time in my life I've had grouse.

My kiddos LOVE playdoh. But I was sick of scraping dried playdoh off my dining room table. So, I made them these playmats! They're made out of sturdy construction paper and "laminated" with packaging tape.

I was getting him dressed this morning and he just looked so stinkin' cute without a shirt on that I had to get a picture. I love soft, plump babies!

An autumn isn't complete without my oldest son spotting a combine!

He's starting to roll over! (Yes, he's on the kitchen floor. Yes, he likes being on the floor. Yes, the floor is clean. Yes, the floor is warm.)

My oldest son was proud of his band of robots that he drew!

Our new sling from! I love it for wearing him on my hip!

In other news, seed catalogs have been coming in, and not my usual ones, either. I'm discovering all sorts of new (old) varieties of veggies and am looking at getting mostly heirlooms next year.

Speaking of veggies, come the new year, I'm starting a veggie, fruit and new food chart for my oldest son and daughter. 4 year old is pretty good at eating a decent variety of fruits and veggies. He'll even do spinach a little, thanks to Popeye and he loves lima beans! But 2 year old will have none of it. I can get her to eat raw carrot a little, and a bit of banana and apple. She does like black beans and black olives, but only if they're canned. This morning, I successfully made her a smoothie out of strawberries and bananas, but lunch's smoothing of carrot, beet and raspberries didn't fly too well with her. She only drank about an ounce. So, I'm going to start charts with 12 slots for each new food (they say it take 12 tries to acquire a taste.) Then, I'll be on a quest to get them to eat new things.


Amy said...

Great photos!

What seed catalogs do you get? I always like to ask in case I miss some :o)

Kate said...

The ones I got last week were the:

Totally Tomatoes
Vermont Bean