Thursday, December 14, 2006


I have vertigo possibly caused by Meniere Disease. I haven't been to a doctor for a confirmation because I'm not excited about the tests I'd have to go through. Besides, there's no known cure for Meniere Disease. There are only treatments with various perscription drugs and operations that will leave me deaf (if I decide to have them done). If left untreated, I will have spells of vertigo with me with no warning.

Therefore, based on my own readings and experiementation, I'm trying self-treatment for the time being. I'll probably see a specialist after I have my wisdom teeth removed at the end of the month.

Vertigo: I read that this is possible caused by fluid retention in the inner ear. The vertigo I experience includes dizziness in various forms, loss of balance, loss of direction ( I see the bathroom doorway and I walk into the wall instead), fatigue and nausea. (This is worst case...usually I just feel motion sick. In the medical field, I'd be treated with motion sickness drugs and perscription diuretics. However, I realized by accident that if I exercise in the morning (a good heart-pounding aerobic exercise) the vertigo is little to non-existant during the day. Exercise can prevent fluid retention. I also make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a low-sodium diet.

Tinnitus: I've had ringing in my ears all my life. The other day I could hear music that wasn't really playing. It was beautiful so it didn't bother me. To keep it from taking over my hearing, I limit noise exposure.

Hearing Loss: I saw a specialist for possible hearing loss when I was a teenager. He said I had no hearing loss despite the ringing in my ears. He asked me if I was involved in music. I told him I was a singer. He said that my forcing myself to listen to music and notes and pitches was actually preserving my hearing. (Foreign language learning helps too). So I'm considering checking into voice lessons again.

The funny this is, I can tell you what is music and what is noise just by how it affects my hearing. Sorry, but rap is noise and so is most pop music.

Stuffy feeling in ears: I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about this.

Ginko Biloba has been known for reducing vertigo and tinnitus.

Meclizine can be taken for the motion sickness feeling. I take Bonine. It doesn't work as well as the perscription stuff I got before.

I'm also taking immune boosters such as vitamin C, echinacea and zinc (in appropriate forms and amounts) to ward off any infections that may cause or aggrivate symptoms.

Unfortunately, when I get pregnant again, they don't recommend taking Ginko Biloba or Meclizine.

I am going to check out Candy's Re-learning to See.



Casey said...

You might also try seeing a Chiropractor. I've had some dizzy spell during my pregnancy and a friend recommended the same to me. My dizziness ended up being from dehydration, but the Chiropractor I saw said if it were vertigo he could help me.

Just a thought. And good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I want to thank you for this post. I found your blog through Candy's. I have vertigo that gets so bad that I have to crawl to get anywhere and then stay in bed to avoid vomiting. I do vomit sometimes though. I have motion sickness, chronic bad ear since birth, and rather constant dizziness, esp. in certain head positions. But......I didn't know I had this ailment until I read your blog the other day. Weird, how powerful denial can be. I don't want to have it but I believe that I was led to your post so that my eyes would be opened. I've since read 2 internet site on the disease and I've learned a lot.
I want to thank you for posting because I now "get it" and because of your experience with the workouts. I workout hard twice a week (I went today because of your post) so I'm going to keep a log of workouts and see if those days are better than the non-workout days. I'm also going to watch my salt and water intake.
I really can't thank you enough. It's amazing how a complete stranger can impact my life and awareness in this way.
Thank you!!
I'm over on Peaceable Wisdom (this same bloger system) and I have a Yahoo 360 under the name clevsea if you want to stay in touch.

prayzgod said...

Are you okay? :-(