Monday, December 11, 2006

Here's an Update


1. I have a new vehicle! It's a Chevy Trailblazer and I LOVE it (other than the gas it guzzles). We needed a vehicle that could haul a trailer AND carry children. Hubby gave it to me as my grocery-getter. :) It has a CD player in it! I feel like a queen!

2. we're trying to get rid of my old car. Anyone want to 2000 Ford Taurus SE? I'm only asking $3,000 for it, but am willing to dicker.

3. Ohhh....I should have posted this as NUMBER 1 because it's just so wonderful! Bubby is CRAWLING! He also has a new nickname. It's no longer Bubby. It's Spike because his hair stands up in spikes on it's own and NOTHING keeps it down.

4. I've been diagnosed with vertigo and will be seeing a specialist about my inner ears. I may have Meniere Disease. Please keep me in prayer. The vertigo can be debilitating and I can possibly go deaf if I have this disease.

Well, that's all I have time for today! I'll try to post more, but I've been sooo busy with the mundane that I haven't had a chance to write a blog post of quality.



prayzgod said...

I've never heard of vertigo being debilitation, but maybe I'm thinking of something else. I have vertigo, but the definition I understand vertigo to be, is that when I am up in high places, and I look down, I get dizzy, and sometimes I can literally see things turn sideways or upsidedown, and sometimes I feel like I'm falling down.

I just hold on to something sturdy, and when I get the vertigo, I just remind myself that I'm still standing in the same spot, and am holding something so that I won't fall.

I've always had it, along with some motion sickness, but I'm learning to control it - not with my inner ear, but with the way I use my eyes. The next time you're on my site, take a look at my reading list in the right hand column, and click on the one called "relearning to see." :-)


PS - Isn't it great when you see your baby crawl for the first time?! :-D

Ann said...

Mrs. Scott,
I am very familiar with Meniere's Disease as I have it myself. I understand what it is like. It is a very real thing. ~~ But it is not very common, so most people do not know what it is. Luckily, I have had a good year. :-) But they year before that ~ the dizziness and sensations never left me for one minute. And laying down flat on your back? No way! I hope that you are able to get good news from your specialist that it is not Meniere's. There are medications that can help.

Anonymous said...

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