Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reducing Food Waste

The fridge needed a good cleaning.
Thankfully, I did better at keeping up with it than I had in the past.
But, I still threw out an embarrassing amount of food.

It really got me thinking about my grocery spending and food waste.
I realized that I buy too much food, and too many "foods with broken promises."
These are foods that I buy because I have some fantasy that I am going to make something special, and I never get around to it.
These are foods I impulse buy on clearance because they're cheap and good for me, but they are ultimately extras that I never get around to eating.
These are foods I purchase with high hopes that my kiddos will eat them despite knowing deep down that I will shun the food and it'll go to waste.

So, I started this week's grocery shopping with some new thoughts and considerations.
One simple change (something I used to do in the past but since forgotten about) was purchasing boiler onions.
It started today when onions were on sale at the local store.  Such a good price!  I walked up to the pile and noticed how large they all were.
I dug through the bin looking for the smallest available but even those I knew I'd only use half of at a time.  The other half tends to go to waste.
My children do not like bits of onion in their food.
I tend to season with onion powder.
But sometimes I need a bit of onion.
But almost never do I need an entire large onion, no matter how good a deal a 3 lb bag of them are!

It was then that I remembered what I used to do back in my early days of marriage.
I bought boiler onions.
These little onions are the perfect size for any dish that requires onion and not onion powder.  And if I need more, I just simple chop up another bulb.
No more finding shriveled, blackened onions in the bottom of the onion basket.
No more throwing out half an onion because I couldn't use it right away.
(I tried freezing onions before....another big waste for me.)

It isn't saving money if you are just throwing the deal away.


Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Hi, me again. :-) I've never even noticed boiler onions in the stores, but what a great idea! I might just get some! I have found that onions keep for a really long time in the back of my fridge. I used to keep them in the pantry and you can imagine how that went! I even tried freezing them, which worked, but EVERYTHING in the freezer had an onion taste to it! That onion odor is strong! I even double-bagged! But I did do like 10 pounds (bought to help a charity). I haven't done it since! lol Definitely going to look into those boiler onions because there are occasions when I only need a small amount. Thanks for the heads up!

Kate said...

Nice to meet you, Kimberly! I tried the freezing thing once, too. I didn't like how the onions defrosted. They were all mushy. Not every grocery store seems to carry boiler onions. My local Hannaford does, but I know they are not a nation-wide chain.

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Hi, Kate! Yeah, the only way I could use the frozen onions was straight into a pan to saute. Freezing does break them down, and I am NOT going to try poaching them first! lol I wonder if they come already frozen? Let someone else do the work! :-) I'm pretty sure I've seen the smaller onions in our stores. I will look next time I'm out!