Monday, December 07, 2015

A Little More House Proud

My grandmother is an excellent housekeeper.  So are my aunties, my mother, and my sister.
There was a time when many women were quite house proud and houses across America were tidy, clean, and neatly decorated.

Today, we have pinterest pages and memes declaring a neat home to be a sign of a boring life.  Or spending time housekeeping means you are neglecting your children.

Once again, in an attempt to remedy something perceived as wrong, the pendulum swings too far the other way.

My standards have waxed and waned over the years and seasons of my life.  I was a poor housekeeper in the beginning.   The desire was there, but the ability and focus were not.

Then, I went through a time where I could keep up on the chores and keep the house neat.  I had a regularly scheduled program of cleaning.

After that era, I went through a time of struggle again.  Just trying to keep up on the basics.  I was alone (hubby was sent away for work), pregnant or caring for babies, struggling with PPD, and trying to start my life as a homeschooling mom.

The last two years, my focus has been on building our little farm and trying to fit this growing family into our little home.

I had little time for serious housekeeping.

But now the seasons have changed again.

My children are older and more able to help.
I've accepted that we're likely to remain in our cottage rather than move, so I am much more likely to part with items I've saved for "that future home."
I'm learning how to make this cottage work with so many feet walking through it, and thus I am learning how I can keep it clean regularly.
Hubby is home more regularly, and is doing well health-wise and he, too, is more able to help around the house.

So, now my focus shifts from survival to thrival (that's a made up word!).
And now I can be just a little bit more house proud.
And, no, my life isn't boring (to me) and my children aren't neglected.

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