Sunday, February 24, 2013

So Fascinating!

I am so fascinated by many different economical and environmental lifestyles that people have chosen to lead!  Finding blogs that speak of their lifestyle is like reading the best articles in the best natural home and garden magazine out there.  I love reading about people who:

1. Live in tiny houses
2. Live in small houses with large families
3. Live off the grid
4. Live as plastic-free as possible
5. Live as self-sustaining as possible
6. Live as waste-free as possible
7. Live on a tiny budget
8. Live debt free
9. Live in RVs
10. Live as naturally as possible
11. Farm not only organically but sustainably
12. Live a more old-fashioned/old-timey/vintage lifestyle

My sidebar features some of these blogs.  Please go visit them with an open mind and a learner's heart.


Peggy Lineberry said...

I find so many good friends and blog neighbors through other bloggers lists. Thank you for sharing yours as we seem to have the same tastes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping in! :)