Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Week Post Partum

I have to say that this has been the BEST post partum week I've ever had!  What an amazing testimony of God's grace!

First of all, hubby took the week off of work and it has been a tremendous blessing to have him here loving on his family and treating me like a queen.  He worked hard with small children by his side and got my garden prepared for planting!  I thought for sure I'd have to skip out on a garden this year, yet as I type, little plants are dancing in the breeze.  As an added blessing, in perfect timing, our neighbor had to lime the field next door.  He saw our garden tilled and sent over a dump load of manure!

Personally, I feel great!  I feel AMAZING!  I have so much energy and focus!  I cannot believe the night and day difference from how I felt during, and even before the pregnancy!  I'm healing very well and very quickly.  There are a few "kinks" in my system, such as my left hip keeps acting up on me.  Thankfully, though, the baby blues have gone and so has the scream-out-loud pain of breast feeding.

My baby boy is doing well.  He's still battling some jaundice, but he's not lethargic.  He's eating well, sleeping well, and responding very well to people.  Today, he actually following Daddy with his eyes!  I could have fallen over in disbelief!  I also love how by merely talking to him, or picking him up, he stops crying and just snuggles into me.

The children are doing better than I expected with baby brother.  My 3rd is a little extra needy, so we make sure to give him plenty of love and figured out how to snuggle while mommy nurses the baby.

We're being blessed beyond measure by our church family, family and friends.  While I was in recovery, I invited anyone who wanted to come see the baby to come.....and then I sat there.....alone.  Hubby had a mandatory class 2 hours away from where I gave birth, so he was gone all day.  I made him go anyway.  I wanted him to get it done and out of the way rather than having it hanging over our heads to get it done another time.  So, there I sat watching other moms leaving with their babies, balloons, flowers, and gift bags.  I admit, I actually started crying my eyes out because no one sent me flowers.  No cards.  Towards the evening time, my sister and her family came to visit and so did one of our babysitters.  I felt silly feeling so sad about something as superficial as flowers, and felt really silly when the nursery nurse came in a caught me in tears.  But through it all, I prayed and God told me to wait; that we'd be blessed later.  I also thought up a ministry of providing a card or flowers to women who give birth alone.  I felt so sad, but I knew that having a baby Friday night puts a damper things for other people.  Saturday was full of weddings, baby showers, and so many other obligations that kept most of my friends and family away.  So, I prayed for those celebrating those momentous occasions.  And I figured that as sad as I felt despite knowing how truly loved I am, there are women who do not have that loving support behind them and may sit in their recovery room with nothing on their window sill.  It broke my heart, so I hope, some day, to be able to send flowers or a card or SOMETHING to women in that situation.

The blessings are pouring in now, just as God promised.  Cards, gifts, gift cards or cash, help around the house, and MEALS.  Delicious meals with enough leftovers to last us even longer!!  And I'm not talking about mac and cheese or casseroles here.  I'm talking full on meat and potatoes type meals!

And I got those flowers.  A big potted bouquet of cheerful yellow mums!!  I thought I wouldn't have any flowers to plant this year, either!!

To top it off, hubby completely surprised me by getting me a beautiful set of bracelets in fresh water pearls.  I LOVE fresh water pearls, and each bracelet is a different color!  There are 10 of them!!  I was elated!

God is SO GOOD!

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