Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Extended Gardening

Boy, am I glad for Hobby Farms magazine! They have an article this month about how to extend your growing season. They even have ways to extending it long enough so that you can have fresh lettuce and strawberries at Christmas! It would be nice to start earlier and have fresh produce longer. I'd love to do a cold frame.

As of right now I'm pressure canning beets and beans. It looks like my garden will be pretty much finished even before the frost.

It looks like this winter I'll be researching cold frames, staggered gardening (which I did a little of this year) and container gardening (since my tomatoes can't go in the garden next year due to blight.)

I've failed at container gardening in the past. I think it's because I couldn't get the proper balance between drainage and watering. Either the containers would become water-logged and moldy or they'd dry out.

I'm also still kicking around the idea of raising quail. The only problem is I want quail eggs. However, as it works, I'd get chicks in the spring and have to kill them all before winter (quail don't do well in the winters we have). They wouldn't get old enough to lay. Maybe I can convince hubby to let us have just a couple of chickens to "help reduce the tick population."


Mia said...

Thanks for sharing about Hobby Farms latest magazine, I'll have to read it now :)
We are also hoping to extend our growing season using the greenhouse we have--vegetables during winter would be wonderful!


Rose said...

Hello~I have to say that I get so much out of reading Hobby Farm and Hobby Farm Home. I ordered both this time~thank you for a great post! God bless, Rose