Friday, March 16, 2007

Worst Inventions and A New Blog

I read an article in Parade magazine that comes in a local Sunday paper about the top 10 worst inventions (reader-led poll). Here are some of them:

5) Television“For the greatest promise betrayed,” explains Bob Altman of Mount Pleasant, S.C. “TV has desensitized the world to violence; reduced political discourse to sound bites; fostered short attention spans, sedentary lifestyles and crass materialism; and demeaned women and fathers.”

6) Video Games“As a schoolteacher, I see how video games have shifted children from interaction to isolation with their controllers,” writes Lynn Hatch of Park City, Utah.

10) Cell Phones“On the plus side, they’ve made us instantly available anyplace, anytime,” notes Nina Cooper of Las Vegas. “On the minus side, they’ve made us instantly available anyplace, anytime.” Adds Bill James of Austin, Tex.: “They ruin our personal time. Both your boss and your client want you to be reachable. A quiet dinner with the family? A movie? Fuhgettaboutit!” Another reader, Jenn Frommer of Albany, N.Y., complains: “I am sick of hearing people’s loud, stupid conversations everywhere I go!”

I have started a new blog as well. You can see it at
Recently, I've been struck with a desire to immerse and involve myself in more feminine things. So, I've started a blog to share that! It's a work in progress.

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